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李金姨是由台灣移居香港。於2019年在香港正式創立 李金姨最初做手工泡菜是因為在台灣照料有糖尿病的失智父親與母親時 發現在坊間很難找到適合糖尿病人的自然食療,在偶然的情況下接觸到生酮飲食的好處慢慢研發出來的 在細心研究下,生酮飲食對於食材的本質非常重視,並且在準備和烹調食材的過程都是零糖的 生酮飲食不單可以改善糖尿指數,更有效地減重從而達到減低各種指數例如高血壓,高膽固醇等慢性疾病 發酵泡菜含有非常多有益的益生菌及膳食纖維,對消化系統和腸胃有非常好的作用,能有效地讓體內積聚的宿便排出體外.
Auntie Li immigrated to Hong Kong from Taiwan, and has been officially established in Hong Kong since 2019. She came across the benefits of Ketogenic Diet by accident, when she first made handmade kimchi because she found it difficult to find a natural diet suitable for diabetics when she was taking care of her father and mother in Taiwan, who both have dementia. So what is keto diet? After careful research, it attaches great importance to the essence of its ingredients, with zero sugar throughout the entire process of preparing and cooking ingredients. Various studies have shown that ketogenic diet is not only low on the glycemic index but also can reduce weight more effectively to reduce various health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other chronic diseases. With an original recipe inspired by South Korean culture, fermented kimchi contains a lot of beneficial probiotics and dietary fiber, which has a very good effect on the digestive system and the stomach, and can alleviate bowel issues too!


生酮飲食字面意思是“會產生酮體的飲食”,其為一種高脂肪,充足蛋白質,極低碳水化合物飲食。這種飲食的特色 是讓食物嚴重缺乏碳水化合物,強迫身體燃燒脂肪而非碳水化合物,進而產生酮體;醫學上主要在用於治療難以控制(難治)的兒童癲癇。 李金姨希望透過這個泡菜產品可以幫到不僅僅有糖尿病的病人,有減重想法的朋友及有高血壓和高膽固醇需要控制甚至減低各種指數的人群.
Ketogenic diet literally means "a diet that produces ketone bodies", which is a high-fat, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. The characteristic of this diet is to make the food severely lack carbohydrates. This forces the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, and then produce ketone bodies, which is mainly used in medicine to treat hard-to-control epilepsy in children. With balanced amounts and less carbohydrates, it can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Auntie Li hopes that by selling these Ketogenic products it can not only help patients with diabetes, but also friends who want to lose weight, or have a stronger digestive system and finally help people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol who need to control or even eliminate these problems!
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